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GeoCard Navigatiedata

GeoCard creates digital maps and navigation solutions for mobile navigation systems. For not having to rely on data from third parties, we have developed are own solution.

This has resulted in a mobile system which we can use anywhere in the world to take panorama recordings and collect road-data for digitalmapping. Until now this was only possible with special vehicles, equipped with a fixed and expensive preparation of GPS and camera equipment.

The only thing we need is a (rental) car and fuel.

All in One Flightcase

In developing the streetview camera setups we went for simplicity. We have ensured that all equipment fitted in a single casing.

The camera unit contains fourteen HD video cameras and a sensitive GPS receiver that in a molded enclosure safely enclosed against moisture and vibration. An extra protective edge provides protection for the lenses. For mounting on the roof, we use professional suckers from the film industry. Furthermore there are in the flight case fifteen high-speed computers to all HD industrial camera images to be processed.

All data is stored on a solid state disk. The internal computers are running on Unix and using a notebook we can operated the flightcase.

Mobile and easy setup

The flightcase with the built-in computers fit on the front seat or back seat and by wire it's
connected to the cameras. Using a standard cigarette lighter socket the streetview unit can be connected to the cars battery power. The entire installation is within fifteen minutes ready for use.

With the built-in capacity, we can store one hundred thousand panoramic pictures. During a normal shooting day, we can shoot ten thousand pictures. For each panoramic photo, we take
fourteen individual pictures. For perfect results we shoot and save all fourteen shots within twenty-five milliseconds.

All individual recordings are equipped with geocoding, which later can be exactly determine
where and when the shot is taken.

Flightcase (hand luggage size)

The special flightcase is the robust housing of our streetview hardware. The flightcase
complies with the maximum international hand luggage dimensions and can be taken anywhere
in the world as small luggage.

With only 20 kilograms, the streetview-kit can be transported by one person.
Because of this, we can take the streetview kit all over the world to take streetview shots.

For both small or large projects, we can use are streetview kit.

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