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Everyone knows the streetview of Google maps. However, Google may not be everywhere, and
many places they have not been. Also it may happen that the current streetview stops before
you reached your company address, because your company is not on a mainroad or located behind a private road.

That's why GeoCard Navigatiedata developed a solution , a private streetview presentation for
your current website. With our mobile streetview-camera, we can take panoramic pictures of
your private-roads or aereas. Our cameras recording in HD and with very high recording speed.

Within 20ms we shoot 14 images, everything sharp for a perfect panorama.

Flexible deployment

In "normal" shots on public or private roads, we use a normal car. For example, on campsites and holiday parks is not always possible, therefore we have the option to mount our entire recording set on our special go-kart.

This flexible deployment makes that we are able to work anyhwere and create stunning streetview images. How many recordings are being used on your website is completely up to you. During the recordings it may happen that we shoot more panoramas then be used later.

All recordings are in the final delivery supplied and can later be used by your advertising agency.

Integration into your website

After all recordings are made, we start to proces all the collected data of your streetview. If all panoramas have been mapped, we create a virtual route and provide hotspots which can link to other websites or to other images. For example, it can refer to the page of the bar, restaurant or swimming pool.

If the entire streetview is finished, we put it on your own website. Should this be a problem at your current internetprovider, we can also host it for you on our servers in Amsterdam.

Note: Our streetview module is a flash application that can be used in any website.

Contact us today

Because every customer has different needs, it's better to contact us and ask for a demo.
We are happy to explain the options for your business and the possibilities within your budget.

Call us on: +31 (0)20 to 89 43 689, +31 (0)6 54 68 48 68 or email:

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